Roses by Hannibal


Hannibal’s Roses is a sensual musical trip that aims high but falls somewhere short of its ambitions.

Hannibal is a Floridian musician and composer whose unique brand of R&B is chill, and sophisticated, and features a variety of musical flavors and cultural influences. Roses is part of his debut album, titled MHP. Featuring artists and producers from Austria, Peru, and more, Hannibal is a charismatic musician who uses this varied palette of collaborators to further his musical achievements.

Roses in an R&B slow-burner that doesn’t seem to get fully cooked in time before it ends. Features Hannibal’s distinctive singing in the forefront and center, surrounded by a swelling synth that sparsely plays the chords, moody, sizzling and atmospheric, but also a little too empty. The beats are also minimal and fractured, working more as a musical element to amp up certain lines instead of as traditional percussion. The melodies are also simplistic and tend to get repetitive along with the repeating synth line. 

Hannibal’s Roses is a song that was afflicted by one or two bad decisions. The strange drums that take the song nowhere and the synth that sounds way too dynamic for what it actually plays. I’ll be on the lookout for Hannibal’s future releases, as his distinctive voice, lyricism, and songwriting skills only need a more cohesive production with an actual vision to create sublime late-night, chill R&B.


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