Shadows Dancin by The Reveal


In pure Nashville fashion, The Reveal’s latest single is a proponent of new and fresh colors of Americana and Bluegrass that I don’t remember ever hearing in a similar fusion before.

A Nashville-based power trio, The Reveal’s brand of outlaw music mixes folk with blues and bluegrass, interspersed with rock musings, and out of all things, hip hop production colors, for a result that’s truly one of a kind in concept, and incredibly cool and memorable in practice. On Shadows Dancin, Josh, and Tristen Norfleet, with Brother Dusty, and Ian Fleming (no, not the James Bond one) come together to craft an outstanding banger. 

With a lengthy, low-burning intro, dominated by synthetic atmospheric elements, eerie and droning, topped by the fragile and soulful cautionary tales of bassist and vocalist Brother Dusty, pure, strung, outlaw bliss ensues. With mandolin riffs, one of the deepest and most gratifying sounding bass sounds in recent memory, a shuffle beat that delivers you right to the gallows, Shadows Dancin’s main musical body is one that’s truly terrific and unique, and the mandolin solo in the finale is a display of simple virtuosic taste. 

The Reveal’s latest single proudly maintains the Nashville legacy. Another extremely creative and unique collective of artists that produce apparent magic from centuries-old sounds, pushing them effortlessly into the future. At this point, I’m compelled to swear that it’s something in the Nashville air.