Tripgnosis by Silvermouse


Silvermouse is a duo based in Aguada, Puerto Rico, and they are here to bless us with yet another amazing, trippy track called ‘ Tripgnosis’, that will suck you into a very immersive sonic experience. The duo has been in the works for 15 years, experimenting with music technologies that help in making music mind-altering, taking over consciousness, using a  blend of Mandolin and Eletronica. This track is part of their Psychoactive series made with the brainwave entertainment signals of Monroe sound science. 

The song takes you on a gradual trip into the void. It’s slow, and builds intensity with each second and with every introduction of new sound effects, leaving us with a beautiful and large palette of different sounds. The overall sound of the track is hypnotizing and magnetic, with a slow yet spicy effect on the mind and soul. The musical arrangement is rich, dynamic, and bears many transitions. You’ve got an electronic soundscape that has a harp, acoustic guitar strums, and a hardcore drum set. The track poses a fresh oriental vibe to it with some jungle percussion too. The sound is very psychedelic with the occasional shocking cymbal sound. This track is totally something you can listen to for focus or a chill setting.


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