Shine aLight by Rj Bacon


An ambitious and creative man from Sydney, Australia, who creates music all on his own. Russell J. Bacon, known as “Rj Bacon,” is a solo player who brings to light an amazing sound of jazz. Russell has a sweet taste in producing his music that he is so passionate about making, using his own elements with simple yet pristine notes. As a multi-instrumentalist, not many perfect such a talent. 

He released his new album this year, “Shine A Light,” on the 13th of May, with a cool vibe of soft jazz that will get you into a soothing mood during the day.

Russell constructed a life-saving album with 7 tracks to listen to with minimal instruments assembled in this masterpiece. The essence of a maroon jazz club with soulful music playing is an imaginative sensation, capturing a head-nodding yet calming rhythmic feel. Some of his tracks do not have many lyrics. However, “Shine a Light”’s have some lines in them that don’t put you out of the mood of listening but give out a more vibrant feeling to the music playing.

Every time I listen to one of the tracks, it gives me a tingly feeling inside my head. It’s a magical phenomenon that Russell created to ease our stressful days with Jazz.

One of the tracks that got my attention is “Cactus Tree.” It begins with beautiful tunes on saxophone, and the lonesome lyrics are wonderful. It caught my attention as he describes the cactus tree as if it’s a person who remains the same and never changes, as cacti are knowingly growing slowly. Also, the first track on the album, “The Positive Song,” shines positivity with the fun and active playing of the instruments that are so uplifting for the listener.

Russell tries to connect his emotions through the music he makes to his listeners. If you wish to listen to music that gets you in a sensational way and you can vibe to it with some keyboard playing, you have to give this album a shot while having a strong, homemade, fruity flavored drink.

Edited by: Viola Karmy