Something Powerful by Ben Alexander


Stavanger, Norway-based artist Ben Alexanders smashes our brains with his new musical creation like an explosive, magical, and love-filled potion, his new track called ‘Something powerful’, released on the 4th of November. Making an amazing dream pop song, Ben likes to call himself an experimental artist, searching to touch the delicate fine line between genuine music innovation and catchy hitmaking.

This song was released by Melonono in 2022, and Ben’s influences include Tame impala, Avicci, and Rufus Du Sol.

You have to close your eyes and move your body as you kick off for a dose of ecstasy laced with emotional intensity and mind-blowing beats with this track. The song talks about the feelings a person experiences when you have a strong connection with somebody.

If Ben wanted us to get addicted to his song, he has definitely succeeded because it’s like going down a big colorful slide. It’s so catchy and suits all types of moods. It feels uplifting, free, and energetic, with a hard hit of emotional overflow. Who knew electronic music can make you feel so extremely good and emotional at the same time? The overall sound of the song is an upbeat sonic high, with a rush of love. The musical arrangement is so rich in sound and texture, starting with a magical, fantasy soundscape that fuses dance sounds and heavy pop drums, and fast rhythms. Most of the sounds are created with a lot of sonic textures, with a piano sound effect coming up that is really special. The vocals are high pitched that match the wild energy of the song.

You have to blast this track anywhere with friends and loved ones for a surreal musical experience!


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