Songbird: Part One by Jennifer Alvarado

Jennifer Alvarado

In April 2021, North Carolina native Jennifer Alvarado released her debut EP, Playing with Fire, to tremendous acclaim. In 2021 and 2022, the Nashville Songwriters Association designated Jennifer as “one to watch.” Jennifer Alvarado has just published her second EP, titled Songbird: Part One, and is now embarking on a musical journey. This EP, the first of a two-part project, commences the process of coping with and recovering from a hostile environment. As she navigates the darkness, she pours her soul onto each track.

We follow her as she develops her musical style and adds a personal touch to the songs on her journey. This EP features a few of her previously released hits.

The first song from the album, “Rock This Way,” has energetic, joyful music. The sleek and precise guitar work, which matches the uplifting lyrics, penetrates the room with a cheerful country-pop atmosphere.

“Curious” contains a more subdued melody than the previous song, allowing the listener’s spirit and mind to be penetrated by her voice. It has the persistence, passion, and general tone of a leading lady in pop music. It seems like it was taken directly from an early-2000s teen show in the vein of Gilmore Girls. Before hearing the lyrics, it may appear to be just another country song with a love theme. However, the song’s uniqueness comes from Alvarado’s sensitive and precise writing. Focused on the delicate moments at the beginning of a relationship, which are filled with excitement, hope, dread, and a sense of longing. Her voice shimmers with a soft, illuminating melody.

The drums introduce “Something’s Up.” When you hear the song, you are tempted to imagine that your emotions could move in several different ways. Everything has the capability of succeeding or failing miserably. This song’s lyrics inspire skepticism and the belief that your companion is not telling the truth. As you vent your anger, you wish you could express all that Alvarado sings about. This song effectively reflects the EP’s general progression from gentleness to bitterness. This compelling song explores gaslighting and its emotional impact on an individual.

The strong bass and powerful percussion of “Filthy Water” are dominated by gloom. This song loses some of its country undertones as Alvarado’s voice takes on a more rock-oriented tone. When you listen to her words, your nocturnal thoughts can be heard running through your mind. Through her performance, you can sense her growing rage at the state of her current circumstances. This song has a drastically different arrangement than the others, which demonstrates Alvarado’s versatility as a musician.

“By This Time Next Year,” the last track on the EP, begins with a gentle guitar riff that soothes the soul. Underneath the guitar, a low resonating beat reverberates and fades away. Regardless of how abrasive a relationship may have been, Alvarado’s music is capable of conveying agony and loss. She emphasizes in the song’s lyrics that you can heal these wounds if you take the time to contemplate. It is an almost self-deprecating lament about all the times you’ve been foolish. She then assures the listener that they will be able to reflect on their past experiences without regret.

Jennifer Alvarado’s songs take us on a trip from the beginning to the end of an unhappy relationship, encapsulating all the associated feelings of love, hatred, bitterness, and loss. Jennifer has a slightly deeper but still elegant voice, which enables her to perform the songs in a very classic country style that borders on grittiness but is unquestionably endearing.