Dreaming by Slowlife

Created with RNI Films app. Preset 'Agfacolor 40's Warm'


Whenever I am asked about which musical vibe I relate to and enjoy the most, my usual answer is something along the lines of dreamy, floaty, ambient, and atmospheric. And this latest offering from Hamburg’s Patrick Behrens effortlessly checks all the boxes.

 Patrick Behrens is Slowlife. A songwriter from Hamburg who’s almost fresh. Having released his debut EP in 2020, this single sees him finding a sound that struck a chord with him (pun intended). And this sound is just heavenly.

‘Dreaming’ is a relatively short dream pop gem. Revolving around a simplistic two-chord motion that lulls you back and forth into sweet hypnosis. Composed in the airiest of modes, Lydian, this song is intended to create a mood that’s soothing and dreamlike. With a vocal melody that relies on repeats, this song is constantly in motion, starting with the gentlest of synths, before a strummed acoustic guitar finds its way snuggly into the mix. A string section is then introduced, soaring above all the other instruments, leading the whole peace towards a gently heaving climax with a creamy and lightly melancholic melody on the synths before it fades away gracefully.

A very soothing song. Graceful and colorful and consistent in its choices of sounds, with a mix that perfectly complements all the sonic elements of the song. Patrick says this song ended up having 8 different versions and 40 different mixes, and I would seriously love to give them all a go.

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