Sorry, Not Sorry by Samantha Gibb


The latest release from Samantha Gibb is the 4-track EP entitled “Echoes (The Echo Sessions) and it is a compilation of songs she released earlier this year but with a country/acoustic glam this time. I’ll be checking out the third track Sorry Not Sorry which is, in my opinion, the key track on this EP.

The song begins with haunting melodic vocals that are very reminiscent of other indie artists like Lord Huron, Passenger, and LP but what keeps Samantha’s sound distinct is the strong grounded sound of her chest register. 

The verses are built on a nice and soft chord progression on the acoustic guitar, but the key moment is when the chorus/hook is playing and the haunting backing vocals get more epic and eargasmic.

Samantha’s breath control and enunciation add a special emotional quality, unlike any other vocalists I’ve ever heard. While you may compare or relate her to other Alternative and indie singer-songwriters, I doubt that there’s one singer she’s identical to or copying. It’s rare to find an artist who’s both passionate and unique nowadays, and it seems like Samantha Gibb is one of the few artists who have both style and substance with enough emotional authenticity to stay in your memory for days after the first time you hear her voice.