Squakin like a Bird by JUNK


JUNK’s latest release, “Squakin’ Like a Bird,” is a bold take with upbeat rhythms that spotlight the hollow kind of people whose personality is all about what they read on the internet rather than having an opinion of their own or having an individual persona at all.

Have you ever been in a social gathering and pumped into someone who can’t form one decent sentence but whose internet personality centered around sounding like an expert in everything? The type of people who attempt to appear very knowledgeable but, in reality, are clueless and unable to be real with either themselves or others. Hailing from San Diego, JUNK is using its musical prowess, blended sound, smooth flow, witty writing, and charismatic performance to put these kinds of characters under the microscope in its single, “Squakin’ Like a Bird.”

“Squakin Like a Bird” is the outcome of an innovative fusion that could only be created by the trio of Aaron “Dubl A” Seener (master bassist and music theorist), Dale “Dirty D” Pearson (saxophonist), and Nik “Anthem” Mathews (guitarist and vocalist) from San Diego, CA. You can hear Jazz, R&B, Classical, and Hip-Hop all mashed in harmony, enticing you to an abnormal realm where such a blend is normal and polished.

Although the outfit is just getting started and this is the second release, they surely have a neat artistic identity and outright themes with bright sarcastic wrapping. All the instruments are well-placed, and that gives the opportunity to enjoy each and to pay attention to the solid waves of the cynical vocals with their dignified tone. For me, I enjoyed how they seamlessly gathered the elements together, but to be honest, I have a soft spot for the sax, and its mesmerizing playing made me wonder: what if they made a track giving room for more Jazz with another controversial content? I think they’ll ace it.

All in all, if you admire musicians with a knack for pushing the boundaries of genres and showing their true colors, you’ll like this track. And if you know someone who thinks that they can enlighten others with some trivia they know or some readings from the internet while having nothing genuine to offer, then pass over them because they’re probably just “Squakin’ like a Bird.”


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