Story of a Houseparty by Danny Olocklin


Artist Danny Olocklin from Dublin, Ireland will release a hyping indie pop song called “Story of a houseparty, on the 25th of November. Inspired by Dua Lipa’s disco sounds, Danny quit his corporate job at one of the largest financial corporations to pursue a career as a music producer. In his childhood years, he rebelled against classical music training when he was 9 years old, and resorted to playing other genres like rock and blues against his parent’s will, which forced them, even more, to make him complete his piano studies. 

The song is inspired by true events, a houseparty he hosted a while back. It tells the audience the shenanigans that were happening through an upbeat, dancy tune that will surely bring you to release all your negative energy. The overall sound of the song is groovy, laidback, and fun.

With a fun pop soundscape, the musical arrangement is dynamic, with many transitions through the catchy verses. The song includes fast bursts of violin, a guitar melody, and prominent cymbals guiding the beat with some backing drums. This song is suitable for the club or the beach, it’s hard not to vibe to it instantly!