Strangelove by Jóhanna Seljan


All the way from Iceland…Reykjavík to be specific…a colorful and mesmerizing land…

We have a very versatile and unique artist, Jóhanna Seljan…and her latest single “Strangelove”.

Jóhanna began her journey with music from the young age of eight, writing lyrics and poems too…this was her gateway into the music world, as she started performing as a poet and an entertainer at the age of sixteen…

Then she started writing melodies when she was around nineteen…and by that time she already had quite the experience with writing lyrics, coming up with melodies, and performing live in front of crowds…she had the whole package.

Jóhanna performed in many musical shows…she’s been directing the singing in the Icelandic female acapella group Fjarðadætur too….

She got into bands, from jazz to metal…. and was the lead singer in “The Borrowed Brass Blues Band” between 2016 and 2019…..she was also a session vocalist for quite some time…

Jóhanna’s life has been setting her up for greatness, even when she didn’t know it.

Now she released her latest single “Strangelove” to expand her already impressive body of work.


“Strangelove” is a pop, electro, indie song…it’s a fusion, really.

…you can’t put it into a category easily…

Again, it’s a fusion…the electronic elements are strong, with arpeggiated synths sucking you into its world…but you also have a pop-sounding piano…sometimes it’s soft and mellow, other times it’s strong and huge sounding.

“Strangelove” starts out right away and starts out strong…

…I want to also add…that the song has hints of 80s/90s vibes…

…especially the intro to the song, it takes its time to take, giving us time to enjoy the music and the production…then it swallows us wholly…

Jóhanna’s vocal performance really shows her versatility.

She goes from a mellow emotional line to soaring melodies…

The vocal harmonies are perfected, Jóhanna has done an impeccable job not only on the lead vocals…but the backing vocals the right amount, in the right place to give you the best experience.

Jóhanna is currently involved in the making of her new album, collaborating with Sturla Már Helgason…a very well-established and talented piano player and music producer.

They are looking to expand on the themes of the 80s and 90s retro electronic vibes and give the audience a very unique experience.

Jóhanna we can’t wait to hear about your new album…in the meantime, we’ll keep “Strangelove” on repeat.

We wish you all the best in the world.



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