Such Imperfection by Simesky+Fritch


A mix of Simesky+Fritch that almost melts in, as he puts you in the mix of old and new beats, and you can find it in his new single “Such Imperfection”.

Simesky+Fritch sing a love letter steeped in pop-heavy music, transitioning effortlessly from modern to old-fashioned beats, bringing the best elements of different styles together. Their song “Such Imperfection” is sweet, bright, and maybe dark to some, but has a great vocal balance that brings passion to the lyrics and puts them on a very good level.

Through this song comes the first musical collaboration between the United Simesky Institutes and Fritch in writing and production. They blur the lines between past and present, offering you a piece of art that you will enjoy.

“Such Imperfection” takes you deeper into the soundscape. Where your bones vibrate from the bass, the melody is a wonderful blend of darker voices and melodies coming from the lower notes, and amidst it all, you find the old-fashioned touch in sound pulled into modern times by brighter notes.

And the words of a love letter are completely different from any other letter you may have heard; they tell you that you have fallen in love and you’re passionate about someone, highlighting the beauty of the imperfection that your partner completes.

To be able to compose music that isn’t from your time requires a different kind of vision, and that’s what Simesky+Fritch did, giving us a great song full of energy and hopefully never-ending. Let’s enjoy it.


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