Sunny by K-SYRAN (Remix)


Remixes give songs an unexpected new flavor. However, what K-SYRAN did to Boney M’s track “Sunny” was way more than just adding a flavor; she gave it a whole new delicious taste. If you’re into EDM, House, Trance, and Disco, you’ll feel a sunny ray leading you to the dancefloor.

K-SYRAN is a singer, songwriter, actress, author, director, lyricist, and activist for women’s rights. Obviously, she knows how to leave her trademark on everything she does and impact others. In her latest release, Sunny,” she showcases her ability to rebrand something nostalgic and make it more contemporary, turning a classic song into a vibrant number.

The dynamic beats along with melodic strings make such an energetic, powerful combo. The beats flow smoothly and entice you to get up, bounce, dance, and sing along. The arrangement brings the song to life, with each element weaving the genuine fabrics of this brand-new spirit.

K-SYRAN’s vocals are surely sunny. She has such a dulcet, lighthearted tone that matches the song’s energy. She sounds both as graceful as the lyrics and as spirited as the musical composition, which strikes the ideal balance.

Are you ready to follow the rhythm? It will take you to a glamorous dancefloor.

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