Is this a crush? by ZARAH WESTHOUSE


Just by listening to a song, you can tell if the artist cares about what they’re doing or if they’re just trying to sell you a new record. For example, listening to Zarah Westhouse’s “Is This a Crush” made me learn about Zarah: that she’s a sincere artist who tries to create genuine art that only she can deliver, that she enjoys and loves what she’s doing, and that she’s extremely talented. How did I know all that by just listening to her recent release? Well, let’s delve into the song, and I’ll let you know.

“Is This a Crush” is Zarah’s third single, yet you can witness how witty an artist she is. The Switzerland-based artist carries a sunshine energy that she was able to burst into her single and make it shiny, vibrant, and ethereal. Its blended sound will appeal to many, but more importantly, it is mixed in a way that won’t make you think, Hmm, this is a good song,” and then forget about it after listening; rather, you’ll be like, “This is the song that I’ll be playing for the rest of the week, at the next party, next car ride, and even while taking a good shower. I sensed some Avicii influence; however, the sound is organic and relatable to the theme and the energy that the vocals offer.

The vocals are intoxicating, dreamy, and dynamic. The lyrics are written smoothly to tell you a story, and the vocals make you visualize this story and make yourself the main character. You’ll be engaged from the intro to the outro and feel the magical melodies building a realm that suits you, with the atmospheric composition structuring every detail in this realm to make it euphoric enough for you to mentally stay there for a long time.

Westhouse is definitely expressing herself as a skilled artist in this song, but in its theme, she’s expressing the thoughts of many of us. It’s the story about every time you looked at someone and found yourself wondering, “Am I falling in love? Or is this a crush?” And she didn’t just manage to portray this feeling in the lyrics but also in the thrill of the electronic composition.

These are some of the reasons why Zarah Westhouse is a promising star. Hit the press button so you can have your own reasons to love her. You might want to keep an eye on her; she’ll be releasing an EP in five different languages by the end of September, and you don’t want to miss that.