Symptoms by Katie Bells


Katie Bells’ upcoming single “Symptoms” is a mesmerizing electro-dream-pop experience that is musical, lyrical and has an abundance of beats that will make you move.

Based in Atlanta Georgia, USA, Katie is making huge waves with her talents and her body of work…and now, with the stunning display of talent with her upcoming single “Symptoms”, Katie is sure to rock the music scene….Katie is a force to be reckoned with.

Katie’s emotional vocal performance steals the show…so does the musical production of the song…

Both of the elements that can make a song good, are available here, in abundance…thus making the single an absolute instant hit.

The beats of the synth-pop world, mixed with Katie’s soaring and emotional vocals…thrown in the mix some catchy electro-hooks…and you’ve got a recipe for a hit.

Something that is not mentioned enough…because it doesn’t happen that much, is the fact that “Symptoms” has a very catchy musical progression that makes way for the melodies and the vocals and gives space for all the other elements to shine through.

Raising my hat to the production team and to Katie…

Make sure you check out “Symptoms” when it comes out on the 25th of July…it is not to be missed.

This is a hit about to be born.


“Symptoms” is written by Katie Belle , Fabio Campedelli & Dominique Vellutato, recorded and produced in Campedelli’s LA studio.

We wish all the best to Katie and the team…if they continue to work together, they are sure to keep releasing hit after another.


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