We Call It JUNK by Junk


San Diego based musical trio JUNK are once again at it, after many a feedback about their style and genre, which remains catchy yet cryptic and not designed to be put confined in one box…JUNK released a single titled “We Call It JUNK”…because that is the genre, that is the style, that is the mood and energy that they define as their genre…it’s called junk!

The musical trio that makes up JUNK are…

Master Bassist and composer Aaron “Dubl A” Seener from Long Island NY

Saxophonist and lyricist Dale “Dirty D” Pearson

Guitarist and Vocalist Nik “Anthem” Mathews from San Diego CA

The 3 people got together to release the genre defining single “We Call It Junk”…

This song is…like nothing you’ve heard before…it’s been described many times, one of which was the description that the band members actually thought of…and it was something like this “It’s like a classical music composition….but set to a hard beat!!”

…and that is a very wild but pretty effective description…

When I first heard “We Call It Junk” I felt like I was watching a movie with inter-dimensional travel and the hero keeps falling from one portal into another, from dimension to another and the world all collided and collapsed on each other, creating something that has never been experienced before.


JUNK created this genre bending and genre fusing experience based on a hip-hop foundation, with vocals flows flying off and hard beats blasting the speakers…with classical elements of cellos and violins…with a brass section and a saxophone solo…and vocal choirs…with afro beats thrown in the middle of the percussive elements.

…whatever you think of, you’ll find it here in this inter-dimensional musical experience.

We wish JUNK all the best in life and we can’t wait to hear what they have next for the world…but we’re sure it’s going to be out of the box…and out of this world.


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