Tara Van Educates on Mental Health in New Single “Fucked-up-ness”

Artwork: Yolanda Van Der Kolk-Brown

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Tara Van dances to her own beat. In the midst of the pandemic, she lost her long-term partner, but found self-love, allowing the seeds of her first album Rise (May 2023) to grow.

She blossomed in a powerful year of self-discovery, self-acceptance and freedom, which included an ADHD diagnosis. Tara wrote “Fucked-up-ness” (MAR 24) to bring awareness to mental health and empowerment to those who struggle with neurodivergence and disabilities. “Being human is being fucked up. There is no normal. We are all weird and wacky, so own your own particular flavor and embrace your fucked-up-ness,” she declares.

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Press via Auteur Research


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