The End of the Ride by Blue Work


Imagine walking in a gallery and each painting or photograph doesn’t have a lapel or interpreter; it rather has a song in a loop that tells you the entire story while leaving some mystery for your imagination. That’s what Blue Work’s music sounds like—like a delicate canvas with moving lines and colors coming to life.

Blue Work is the musical project of the interdisciplinary artists’ Hortensia and Vee. They both craft visual art and create sonic escapism, like their latest track, “The End of the Ride.” Their secret lies in enticing you with their mystical blended sound that gathers sparked retro wave and dreamy alt-pop with bouncy electronica and trip-hop elements.

“The End of the Ride” has a calming effect despite its blue lyricism. The peaceful intro sets the mood for an introspective delivery through the dark ambiance. Hortensia’s hypnotic vocals convey the lyrical depth smoothly through the silky, bittersweet tone. Vee’s genius beats simulate the hazy vibe, giving a spooky sense, yet the synth and percussion unite to spread bright rays of light through the mist.

A yin-yang perspective of a tiny borderline between heavenly harmony and an emotional hell is presented by the profound, expressive lyrical theme presented by the hunting vocals and dynamic cadences.

A painting’s aesthetic is not immediately apparent at first glance. The same is true of this ethereal piece! It takes several listens for you to fully immerse your soul in it and enjoy discovering a new dimension of its realm. 



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