The Sound of Her Smile by O’Reilly & Vincent

O'Reilly & Vincent

Normal people make love songs, special people make songs about special things, and very smart people make special things into love songs.

O’Reilly & Vincent are very smart people who call Ludlow, England their home. They are Finn O’Reilly, a Dublin singer, and a Shropshire poet, Rod Vincent. ‘The Sound of Her Smile’ is the first single off of ‘Utoro is Breathing’, their second album. Rod generally doesn’t write love songs, but special happenings have prompted such a thing to happen. So, naturally, his choice of words is very special to achieve this marriage of love and disagreement with love songs.

Beautiful, imaginative imagery driven by the sweet little comforts of our everyday lives, warm baths, and the sounds of leaves rustling are among the many things that Rod uses to describe the sound of her smile. Tagging along is a ringing upright piano that plays the silences just as much as it plays the music, restrained and controlled, it adds so much without a hint of excess. A string section bursts in and soars with the rest of the music for a while then it disappears as quickly as it appeared. 

Sweet words accompany sweet music to make a sweet, simple, and delicate tune that describes the joy of simple things that often goes uncelebrated. The sound of her smile is very pretty.



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