Joogi’s new single, Timeline,” featuring Yelloo, is where raw emotions meet charming talent to produce authenticity. Whether you are looking for a song you can relate to or a song to vibe to with its catchy sound, “Timeline” will be your ideal companion.

“Timeline” is the Malaysian creative artist’s latest creation. With his collaboration with the emerging producer Yelloo, they managed to offer us a piece filled with sincere sentiments as it’s based on Joogi’s personal experience, along with emotive musicality and top-notch production.

The lyrics carry vulnerability, longing, and affection. As Joogi stated, “The song delves into time and the transient nature of relationships and explores the experience of encountering new individuals and the journey of it.” It may remind him of a dark experience, yet it’s still smooth and soul-stirring.

The intro is lighthearted with an anguished touch. Once the vocals enter, a wave of emotions hits hard. The vocals are tender and poignant, taking each lyric to one’s deepest, most tender, and most hurt part of their soul.

The instrumentals are atmospheric and set the mood for the kind of experience Joogi wants you to have with him. The keyboard notes are soothing, and the dynamic percussion will make you sway along. The entire R&B ambiance of the track is melodic and will make you seamlessly repeat it.

Every element is well-placed and exquisitely executed; however, Joogi’s hunting vocals undoubtedly stand out. This song reached your “Timeline” for a reason; enjoy its warmth!




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