TREASON (feat. Alba Rose) by Bravo Bonez


 Bravo Bonez is a musician, composer, producer, and arranger from New Zealand. He has pursued his musical dream since the age of 21. Set to release on 25/11/22 his new Acid Jazz single “Treason” features Alba Rose on vocals.

 The song starts in a cinematic atmosphere with a strings section that grabs attention followed by a grounded groovy disco-like drum and bass that makes the listener dance his feet away flavored by an echoed flute which provides the song with a world music vibe preparing the listener for the introduction of the vocals. As Alba Rose comes in with her beautiful voice she makes the listener fall in love with her warm voice immediately changing the atmosphere of the song to what some people might call a James Bond theme accompanied by layered vocals that complete the picture. As the song reaches the end there is a musical interlude allowing the listener a moment to take a breath, with low strings sustained in the background topped by a back and forth high strings and flute giving room for the horn section to come in and giving the song an entirely new dimension and atmosphere. The last section of the song is where the horns blend into the background with the strings giving the song a brand-new flavor.