Twin Moons by My Friend The Chimpanzee


A powerful vortex of electronic music lasts for a few seconds before beats begin to pierce your ear and Lukas Wieser’s voice to your heart, followed by dazzling bursts of guitar that burst into epic color and vibrato. All of this makes a track with another mix of pop, hip-hop, and dirt beats.

After releasing their first singles “Time Traveler” and “I Love This Place”, the Austrian duo My Friend The Chimpanzee return with their third single, “Twin Moons/Bearwolf, Pt. I,” with a vocoder voice, electronic, and funkadelic drums through psychedelic synths, a futuristic wave, and lyrics inspired by Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84.

A magical link is made by MFTC through their words between perceived reality and space. They come up with fantasy scenes that reflect real-life experiences in poetic sentences, so you feel as if you are flying with them while you are still standing on the ground.

“Twin Moons” is a track that you’ll be able to get into; it’s a really fun track and I’m sure it will help the duo get more of a foothold in the Austrian music scene.


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