Upside Down by $am Brodie


A young artist is coming to us from the United Kingdom with his hip hop songs with some sick beats that are invented by this ambitious artist, “$am Brodie” has recently released his 4th song “Upside Down” which was out on the 5th of August, 2022 that is featuring “Lola Scott,” “Young Taylor” & “Benny Mayne.”

This song has some awesome beats, the start of it has a soft vocal intro then the storyline for this piece goes with synchronized lyrics that are relatable to different relationships that we know of. 

The work in this song is unique and catchy, you might catch yourself humming the music after listening to it a couple of times.

It’s admirable how Sam is inspired by a lot of remarkable artists and made his own music when his 13 years old, He only makes it in the comfort of his home where he creates awesome songs and song lyrics for each of his tracks and each track he creates is unique than the last one.

Nice & Easy is the kind of song that you can just listen to over a cup of tea and work within a coffee shop. It’s the kind of track that gives you motivation throughout your day.


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