You Will Never See This by Sabreen Islam


Singer-songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand, Sabreen Islam is back with her latest hit, “You Will Never See This” to ignite our hearts and souls with a captivating softness.

With electric guitars, powerful drums, and expressive lyrics, Sabreen weaves an unusual tale of hurt and healing with a new sound, showcasing another aspect of her exciting musical diversity.

“You will never see this,” tells a story about the curiosity and longing we feel for someone who is no longer in our lives. It’s a mixture of anger, hurt, and complex emotions, but it’s soft, romantic, calm, and perhaps psychedelic in some areas of the song.

This gorgeous and perfect song was produced and written by Sabreen and Sophie Bialostoki, and inspired by the likes of Maisie Peters, Conan Gray, and Phoebe Bridgers.

“You will never see this” marks the beginning of a new era as the first single from Sabreen’s first EP “Room Service”, so get ready to receive more different creativity from this bright young artist.


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