Wait It Out by Anchen Ji


Love can overcome any obstacle in life…

This is the theme of Anchen Ji’s latest single “Wait It Out”.

Anchen has studied music business and vocal performance at Berklee’s College of Music, where her experiences changed her life, and her understanding of life and empowered her to write her own life story.

She collaborated with the talented Berklee alumnus Chengcheng (Troy) Tang and Tyller Bolton on “Wait It Out”, where she spoke about an experience she had in life.

“Wait It Out” talks about her love story with a boy…

They loved each other, but there were obstacles along the way…

Long distance…

Age difference…

The boy wants to leave…

She tells him “Wait It Out”…she doesn’t want him to leave…

The song has a very emotional mood to it, with strong hints of hope…

…hope that love can overcome any obstacle in life.

“Wait It Out” is at its core a pop song, but what makes it shine brighter is storytelling.

Anchen’s lyrics tell the whole story, making it easy for us to visualize her story, how she acted, and how she felt…and this is where anyone who listens to the song can relate to these feelings.

The vocal performance is simple, subtle, and powerful in the emotional delivery of her story.

…also, the main chorus melody is infectiously catchy, take care.

“Wait It Out” also has very high production levels.

The whole song felt very easy on the ear, so mixing and mastering wise that’s a huge win…

From a point of song structure, the song sucks you in and gets you in the mood to start humming and singing it…by the end of your first listen, you’ll play once again and start singing along.

…and from a production point of view, all of the instrumentation and sounds feel perfectly in harmony with Anchen’s lyrics…vocal performance…storytelling…and overall mood.

This fusion of all the song’s elements results in a very impactful experience for the different audiences that will listen to Anchen’s “Wait It Out”…and it is a highly recommended experience.

“Wait It Out” is available on major online platforms, we highly recommend it, go check it out now.

Anchen, we wish you all the luck in the world, you deserve it.

We’ll be on the lookout for your future projects.



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