Wandering Aengus by Herald K

Funky Eye

The Viennese-based artist is back again with another Folk stunner with mythical poetry.

Herald K is an Austrian Folk songsmith whose brand of folk is distinctive, unique, yet familiar and soothing, like a warm blanket in winter. Wandering Aengus is his second single from his album, titled Mythologies, exploring a different piece of poetry from William Butler Yeats. While the other songs in the album are written by Herald himself, keeping the theme of Mythology throughout. After the success of his first single ‘Arethusa’, he’s back again with another. How does it compare?

 We are glad to say that Wandering Aengus continues the streak started by Arethusa. Again, simple fingering patterns on the acoustic guitar sit at the forefront of the minimal arrangement. Backed by only a double bass and pedal steel. The 3 instruments together create a medieval-garden-at-sunset atmosphere where streaks of the sun gently hit the streams of chill waters, hypnotic, striking, and familiar. Again, the piece of poetry chosen is unquestionably gorgeous and mystical, and the singing is more focused and melodic this time around. 

Wandering Aengus is a simple song that does its job, and with minimal effort, gets the message across, and lucky us, that the message is some eloquent Irish poetry.