Little Prophecy by Ali George


With his upcoming album “Watchful Days” planned, British singer/guitarist/songwriter Ali George decided to drop his new single “Little prophecy” on the 2nd of September 2022. A bluesy acoustic tune inspired by Greek mythology and delivered a perfectly fitting way of storytelling. The story’s protagonist receives a prophecy -that he ignores- warning him of his lover’s not-so-good intentions that turn out to be true, so let’s see what “Little Prophecy” has in store. 


I’m writing this while being mesmerized by Ali George’s voice, songwriting, and level of production! “Little Prophecy” sounds like a floating smooth stream of melodies all in perfect harmony with every note hitting an emotional part of your heart. Ali George’s warm emotional voice and his amazing fingerpicking will carry you softly throughout the smooth flow of “Little Prophecy” with the help of some subtle solid bass and drum lines that added a mellow groovy layer to the mix. I loved the progressing structure and sound of “Little Prophecy”, all led by George’s vocal delivery and how he managed to shape a ramp progression using mainly his expressive voice.

“Little Prophecy” is an outstandingly beautiful acoustic piece by Ali George that’ll go directly to your on-repeat list. I’ve spent almost 40 minutes listening to it non-stop as it felt like dragging me into its own unique melodic world where Ali George’s beautiful powerful vocals reign supreme alongside his guitar. I’m definitely recommending this to everyone and will be looking forward to more, a new Ali George fan was just born, cheers!


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