wit da mob by Ace Fontaine


From Union, New Jersey, USA, Ace Fontaine is an upcoming hip-hop artist and rapper…

With a very solid flow and lyricism to his work, he’s bound to make some splashes with his work.

Ace just released a new single titled “Wit Da Mob”.

It was produced by Rokkai…and I don’t know why, but I get the feeling that Ace and Rokkai are close friends…and this is something that really shows in the end result because when you work together with someone who understands you, write the lyrics, record the vocals and produce the track…you’re getting the end result as if it was only one person that created everything…and this is the strength of working with someone who really understands you….

…and you’re enabled even more to convey this artistic image more elaborately to all of your audiences.

“Wit Da Mob” shows several artistic sides of Ace while also showing his most treasured moments and people in his life, which are his friends.

Friends are important to Ace…and really, to anyone in the world…friends are the support, cover, and strength.

The song has chill vibes with a solid beat while also being infused with Ace’s flow, which is very very smooth…

“Wit Da Mob” also has a music video, cleanly and professionally shot by Tre.Otherworldly…you should check it out to get the complete experience. 

Ace, we wish you all the best in the world…we’ll be on the lookout for your new music whenever you drop it.



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