Work It Harder by Zight &Chris Willis & Maximals


“Work It Harder” is a track made with a transcontinental collaboration if you will (UK, US, Italy), on a Pop-EDM commercial that will impress you with its dynamism.

Zight is a Hong Kong-based composer, songwriter, and music producer who has tremendous talent and ambition. Collaborating with Italian duo Maximals and Chris Willis on his latest release, Zight comes as a choreographer full of positive vibes that will have you dancing in no time thanks to her story. The acoustic is wonderful.

“Work It Harder” is a cheerleading track with wide appeal and a gentle and powerful singing experience, so well done that it becomes one of the most played tracks at the party. With it, Zight and Maximals strike a perfect balance to create a path with a distinct soul.

For those who believe electronic music doesn’t prioritize words, Zight has given a path that includes a direct message that can inspire athletes, and can also be turned into encouragement for anyone. It is a message of resistance captured in a video that shows a female fighter in training with beautifully filmed footage.

However, this track brings a mix of modern beats laden with the nostalgia of the past, which can easily be found on radio stations, but you can also add it to the tracks you listen to while you’re working out.


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