Summer Love by Ceyeo


A Chicago-based artist Ceyeo has released calm and sunny vibes for this release on the 3rd of June, 2022 “Summer Love” is their fourth release for their new album “Machine Learning” which has a combination of blasted music of hip hop, R&B, and rock. You can find all kinds of genres in this album with Ceyeo.

“Summer Love” has awesome laid-back music that anyone can listen to this summer with cool vibes that has a breeze to it. The song starts with “We’re going to keep this light tonight, Is summer time vibes so no need to be uptight” it feels like a bit of jazzy music with lyrical details that tell a story and a picture for you to imagine listening to how summertime is while being in summer break, and feeling the summer love of hanging out with your friends. Feeling nostalgic for when we used to have summer breaks and go down for ice cream and keep awake all night to just enjoy it to the max before it ends.

This song is going to be the hit of the year, I totally would give “Summer Love” my full attention during any nostalgic moments a person could have during a holiday/vacation. This will be the ultimate vibe anyone could get to for the summer. This will definitely go into my playlist and feel all the summer vibes and remember all the stories and nights that were never-ending.


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