Yadamraft by Arimow


A misty mountain in the cold winter is your view on your suburban roadway home. Back to where you escaped from before. Been on the run for a while, but coming back to face is inevitable.

Arimow, the rising rapper, released his debut single “Yadamraft,” and it’s a really promising debut.

The track kicks off with light, mellow keyboard notes with background moans from Arimow. The track features Arimow’s outstanding straight vocals, having a perfectly timed flow.

The track is genuinely written and skilfully rhymed and sung. The rapper actively maintains his flow and control over the bars throughout the track.

Arimow’s flow slightly reminds me of Drake’s or Wayne’s, and at specific times it went closer to Wayne’s, accompanying the ad-libs and harmony lines.

Sometimes within the track, rhymes were not clear and bars were blended and not divided. Arimow usually altered the rhyme and rapidly replaced the rhymes. The rhyme usually lasted nearly two or three bars only. It risks maintaining the listeners’ attention to the beat and rhymes.

Also, using fewer melodies made the track sound normal, yet the quality of sound engineering and recording is fabulous and worth the claim.

“Yadamraft” is nearly two minutes and a half, and I believe it’s a good strategy to maintain and make an impression, especially for a young artist who is trying to penetrate the Iranian rap scene.

Check out the upcoming lit tracks by Arimow, and while you’re at it, play the track and comment your thoughts about it below!


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