You’ve Got a Friend by The Birdland Project


From the heart of the crisis comes the idea; creativity comes out; then greatness and beauty. Let us stand in front of him with admiration and appreciation. This is the least we can describe the song “You’ve Got a Friend,” released by the UK/US label Birdland Records, funded by producer Nick Heath and performed by Cha’Rel.

“You’ve Got a Friend” of 5 tracks recorded-all from “Tapestry”-is released this year, inspired by an idea that came to producer Heath when he happened to see a BBC concert from 1971 featuring Carole King. As she sings, “So Far Away,” she recalls how the pandemic forcibly separated so many of us from our loved ones and friends. To come up with an idea that we can describe with the sentence “Why do we not emulate such greatness?”

When “You’ve Got a Friend” comes to your mind, you won’t fail to imagine a scene that has not many protagonists. Cha’Rel sits on a chair in front of the piano, and Eric Moon plays it, but you’ll inevitably feel lonely, because of the piano solo. With sad voice keys, though, this feeling will soon dissipate when the words that have succeeded in expelling the cold flow with warmth and fear with reassurance, and hesitation with confidence and loyalty.

“When you’re down and troubled … and you need some loving care … and nothing, nothing going right… close your eyes and think of me … and soon I will be there.” A strong message to everyone written in words loaded with a lot of positivity, and realistic human paradoxes, to stand by each other in the most difficult moments and the darkest circumstances, and always remember that we have friends. If you’ve had a bad experience during the pandemic, you’re sure to love having “You’ve Got a Friend” on your playlist.

Edited by: Viola Karmy


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