Rowdy On by Steve Pointmeier


Never forgetting his heavy country music roots, Steve Pointmeier released his latest single “Rowdy On” in collaboration with Bart McKay (production), Chad Melchert (drums), Murray Pulver (lead guitar), John Baron (bass), and Jennee Fleenor (fiddle) creating an enjoyable groovy bright tune.

Its hard-rocking start gets you right into the mood to move around with “Rowdy On” groovy melodies and Steve Pointmeier’s invitation to do your best but give yourself a break don’t forget to “Rowdy On”.  Steve Pointmeier is bringing rock n roll’s elements with country’s fluid melodies, where fiddle and piano meet bluesy guitar licks in perfect harmony, creating a colorful tune.  “Rowdy On” has an unstoppable groove and a full of life dynamics through its enjoyable structure as it keeps on building progressions lead by Steve Pointmeier’s catchy vocal melodies. 

“Rowdy On” is an energetic and engaging tune that’ll definitely put any place it’ll be played live on fire, has catchy phrases and melodies that’ll easily stick with you. It shows Steve Pointmeier’s good knowledge of his influences and clear vision about what he wants to do with them. Cheers!