Album 03 Fully Blown by Luca Gasperoni


Italian artist Luca Gasperoni’s upcoming album “Album 03 – Fully Blown” will be an artisanal musical masterpiece…we’ve had a sneak peek and checked out the album…this is big.

Luca is a solo artist that tackles his album with a new twist…he features different musicians on each track…and this is something he has done in his past albums too.

“Album 03 – Fully Blown” is a melodic electro trip into uncharted emotional waters…

With artistic inspirations from the likes of Massive attack, mos def, sade, eryka badu, portishead, salem, tricky, Luca breathes new life into music with his releases…his music cannot be put in a box with a label on it…instead, we should recognize that it is a new hybrid beast with electro, soundscapes, cinematic, melodic and some brilliant beats thrown into this amazing mix…in the end creating a new sound and a fresh unique sonic experience.

“Album 03 – Fully Blown” is not Luca’s first foray into the huge world of music…he actually used to tour the world with other musical project and have been a sound designer at sony playstation…and now, he’s working as an art director in a communication agency while keeping the music his main passion, enjoying the act of creation.

Getting into this unique album experience…you’ll notice that there are 9 songs, each song having a unique featuring artist…

The album starts excellently with “Atlanta”, featuring Hollyspleef…the start is more accented with the excellent piano progression and wide sound design, acting as a portal to another dimension.


“Everything I Rewanted” is the second song and it features Arian Calaeno…with its unique feel and brilliant sound design…this song easily secures its place in my heart.


…same goes to “Call It Like It Is”…a super melodic with strong elements of melancholy…masterfully designed, fusing the cinematic with hip-hop and rap…a completely unique sonic experience…


The album continues to keep things fresh with different emotions, vibes and languages too.


…always keeping things fresh, even near the end of the album, we experience “Poison Lips” featuring Ariana Celaeno once again…with its synth based into and angelic vocals, the song really transports the listener to another world.


Luca Gasperoni really managed to create a beautiful piece of art with “Album 03 – Fully Blown”…an artistic musical experience that sets the mood perfectly…

Make sure you check out this brilliant piece of musical art, “Album 03 – Fully Blown” by Luca Gasperoni.

Wishing all the best in the world to the masterful artist.