Album: The Sauce That Cannot Be Bought by K/9


As an artist, one of the most important factors in making your music; is to get along with whomever you’re working with. That’s one of the reasons why K/9’s new album: The Sauce That CanNot Be Bought, is smashing. The Indian American artist: Neil Kumar (AKA K/9) collaborated with the New York-based producer; Midas Klay on his latest album, resulting in a unique fusion of sounds, variations of different genres, and uplifting, motivational music. The duo met through a mutual friend on Instagram; their energies aligned instantly and found their rhythm.

The album is a result of the hardships and struggles that Neil went through in the past few years, leaving him with revelations and lessons learned. He chose to call these lessons “The Sauce,” hence the album’s name. He managed to find the good in all the negative situations to get him through (surely, not a skill that everyone has).  “The album is about finding confidence within yourself, dancing/laughing/singing, acknowledging when times are tough, and ultimately using “The Sauce” that comes with knowing yourself and handling any situation that comes your way.” Says K/9. The twelve-track album mainly falls under the hip-hop and rap genres, yet you’ll find some songs leaning toward dance and pop elements like “B.B.B. (4k)” and “Motivations.” The vocals were recorded over a seven-month duration; resulting in well-curated songs and a rich sound with lots of elements and layers to uncover. The songs are short, approximately two minutes each; it doesn’t give you a chance to get bored or expect what’s coming next. They simply kept it short and exciting. This is not an album you want to listen to once because each time you listen, you’ll unlock a new sound and discover a new layer.



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