The Wake by Gianfranco Pescetti


Gianfranco Pescetti’s latest release is an electronic single of gigantic proportions, wordlessly discussing rich themes and putting forth lush emotions using only a handful of masterfully utilized elements.

A producer based in the tropical Hawaiian city of Haiku, Gianfranco Pescetti originally hails from the island of Capraia in the Tyrrhenian Sea and lived for lengthy stints in France and in San Francisco, resulting in a cultural trailblazer with an outstanding musical direction that’s a little hard to put into words. The Wake is the title of Pescetti’s latest release. Its title carries a double meaning, one being the practice of mourning, the other being the name of the path left behind by a boat traversing water. 

The melancholic piece features expansive granular synths, a melodically dense structure that progresses through multiple sections, being uniformly melancholic and mystical throughout. Written about the endings and beginnings of life around the time of the pandemic, the piece’s sensational style is full of the desolation and anxiety that we collectively felt during that time. With that said, there’s no denying that Pescetti manages to produce poignant beauty through this anxiety. With the throbbing synth bass, the lush pads, and the intricate percussion, Pescetti manages to create a space where he can apply his expertise as a bass player first as he puts down nuanced lines on a charismatic fretless bass. 

The Wake is full of detail and color. An easy piece to listen to, but much harder to fully grasp, this cut will need a handful of listens to fully peel back all the layers, but when it happens, The Wake is a rich and rewarding listen.