Album: Three Minute Noodles by Rj Bacon

R Bacon

Do you know how you want to relax and unwind when you’re in a not-so-great mood? We all deal with that differently, but for a music-driven, jazz fan like me, I surely love to seek a local jazz bar or the nearest jazz trio performance, and I just listen. It simply lifts me and leaves me floating. Listening to RJ Bacon’s latest album, it did just that; he simply brought that live music vibe home.

The renowned musician, producer, and one of Australia’s leading cinematographers: “RJ Bacon” just released his seventh and latest album: “Three Minute Noodles” of a series of lounge music albums. All his previous albums gained unmeasurable recognition, especially the critically acclaimed “Beyond the Perpendicular,” released in 2021.

Russel J. Bacon comes from extensive experience and a background in music, film, television, and drama, even photography. There’s not a thing in this creative sector that he simply hasn’t tried and accomplished well in. Bacon currently enjoys working in his cozy music studio in Sydney, where he records all his music, mainly jazz, and blues.

Like in his previous work, this seven-track album, he recorded, wrote, and produced all the songs. “Three Minute Noodles” is a compilation of melodies, riffs, and tunes collected over the years. The first thing I noticed; was how the music comes from a very passionate place, it is filled with raw emotion, smoothness, and subtlety like no other. In some songs like “West 44th,” you’ll find the piano taking the lead. While in others like “Ten Pin,” the bass gets its own spotlight. Some songs give a more chilled, calm vibe with remarkable improvisation like “All I See,” while others could be more cheerful and uplifting, giving you a dance feel like: “Beach Shadows” and “Three Minute Doodle.” No words will do this album justice; it’s definitely worth adding to your playlist.