House Party by Class Vee


The emerging singer/songwriter Class Vee sees that it’s the perfect time for a summer jam; don’t you agree? Her latest release, “House Party,” is a party anthem you didn’t know you needed.

Class Vee is an American solo artist who made her entrance into the music realm as the lead vocalist and songwriter in a band in 2019, and when it disbanded in 2021, Vee carried on and made her own way as a solo musician in the same year. The young artist has her own flair when it comes to producing a genuine sound. She fuses Pop, RnB, and Disco with a hint of her Latina influences, which make her sonic characteristics charged with energy.

“House Party” is inspired by a 1990s film of the same title, which perfectly fits both. The song is dripping with energy, pleasure, and some romance. All of the elements work well together to enhance the desired vibe. Vee’s vocals are full of life with a soulful tone; you can easily notice her vocal prowess and her ability to range and effortlessly stand out. The beats are infectious, urging you to groove and instantly throw a party. The diverse genres are blending seamlessly, and especially with the nostalgic flavor, such an organic euphoria is generated.

To complement the bombastic atmosphere and 90s spirit, there’s a colorful music video to get you immersed in the retro mood. Every detail of the lusty video scenes is uplifting and smoothly puts you in a festive aura, and if you’re a 90s kid, it surely will provoke some pleasant memories.

Class Vee is a talented artist who knows how to make quality music and how to have fun, and in such a troubled life, you definitely need both features in your life.






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