Angel in the Wind by Dia the Libra


A hip-hop artist is born out this year with a new release of a unique genre that will curiously get you to listen to this piece that “Dia the Libra” created this year which was released on the 27th of July, 2022 called “Angel in the Wind” which is a psychedelic hip hop music that will color your vision towards life.

Dia is a multi-talented artist who loves to rap, a performer, and a producer who put all those in use for her music career that she started amazingly with various and unique for people to listen to. The music starts with soft twinkly vibes that will get you in a dreamy mode, her vocal in this one is different and worth listening to with those lush and full of energetic lyrics. “Angel In The Wind” has a mix that gets you wondering how this came out so beautiful and full of wonders of happy angelic vibes.

Dia never fails on putting out a performance for each music video she makes and can’t wait to see the release for this piece that will drop on the 3rd of August, 2022. Her uplifting vibes will give you a boost to continue living your life with a smile and a light heart.

“Dia The Libra’s” music is extraordinary and different from other artists I’ve ever heard of and each release is different than the last, so you won’t get bored getting to know our new L.A. artist with her creative mind she is going to enlighten us with.