Please Don’t Go by Temperature Falls


Since their debut in 2019 with “Darkness All Around” and the album of the same name, Norwegian alternative duo Temperature Falls have made avid fans around the world, and with their latest release “Please Don’t Go” they are trying to satisfy them with some creativity. Attractor.

Tempered by singer-songwriter Camila and multi-instrumentalist Ian J. Ward, they come together to launch a compelling creative vision that focuses more on originality than commercial appeal.

After the prolific duo released a series of singles as well as two albums, “Please Don’t Go” brings a unique E-pop alternative music style and feel that bends from smooth psychedelic sounds, delivering their best immersive sound in a rhythm-driven scene.

This song is inspired by the feeling of sadness that suffocates you if you feel that your lover is leaving you, and that love is slipping away due to its emotional turmoil. It is a creative psychedelic piece of art filled with melody and colorful instruments.

In “Please Don’t Go,” Camila’s lead voice over 4 minutes and 47 seconds leads to an apparent increase in the temperature of the atmosphere causing your sad feelings. This captivating voice reflects the emotions formed in the times when love was filled and the deep and immersive sensation backed by the wonderful melodies. It emphasizes the skillful mastery of mixing words with melodies.

Temperature Falls try to create a unique ambiance, captivating melodies, and soothing harmony that will melt your heart and soul, with each release representing a piece of sound art and another step for the duo into the world.


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