The Abyss by Pappelallee


I love it when a song or a piece of music creates a unique and mysterious world, then sucks me in its creation…this is happening each time I listen to Pappellalle’s latest single “The Abyss”. 

“The Abyss” is pretty challenging to put under a single genre…you could say it’s techno, or electronic, or even a bit cinematic with storytelling elements and you would still be right…it’s best put as an electronic-techno based storytelling experience…that is the word for it, an experience. 

Papellalle, which is the stage name of artist Nikolaus Wertheris, is an electronic/ techno artist from Cologne, Germany…which has a big electronic music scene, a very well-established one too, garnering fans from all over the world. 

…not just electronic music, but Germany has been one of the birthplaces of music…in general, since the classical and baroque periods and Germany has been at the forefront of the music world…now, when you look at how music evolved in Germany, you’ll see the great contrast and musical history that the country holds in its DNA. 

 “The Abyss” holds the DNA of musical evolution within its core, the music does have a very smooth, minimal melodic approach to storytelling, and the vibes coming off of it are definitely carrying a story. 

If I were to imagine a visualization or a story for Pappellalle’s latest single “The Abyss” I would envision a cyberpunk world…maybe cyberpunk Germany, with the cyberpunk’s distinctive neon signs, futuristic clothes, and holographic advertisements in the futuristic city…

…a mysterious hooded figure is moving through the busy night streets, pacing away from someone…or something.

The hooded figure looks back…he’s been found, and starts running, jumping on his futuristic bike, and driving into the night…

Going fast past the neon signs on the highway…He feels safe…

That is what I saw when I listened to Pappelalle’s latest single “The Abyss”….

But it is also a super chill, minimal techno track that you can vibe to all along the night…pretty sure it will light up clubs around Germany and the world. 

Pappelalle is definitely a force to be reckoned with, with big opportunities in front of him and huge potential to unlock. 

We wish you Nikolaus all the best in the world, looking forward to checking out the new music you come up with. 


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