The Message by Reedus 3m


When stoner’s anthems meet Hip Hop, you definitely be digging it when the slow tempos are a chillax type of beat to influence a track.

The American rapper Reedus 3m from Boston, US releases his new single ‘The Message’, a new self-produced track by Reedus 3m having a smooth flow and a silly type beat, implying a relaxing vibe throughout the track.

‘The Message’ starts with a low-key melody with a touch of a retro sound as if it was played on a gramophone, followed by the calm flow of Reedus grabbing your ears into attention to what he has to say.

Hi-hats later then introduced just before the bass is introduced vividly, and it sounds like a late introduction to both and yet doesn’t levitate the track to the higher levels, it just preserves the low-key beat without having to make a beat drop which kinda seems less interesting for a listener comparing the flow with the beat.

A touch of a snare could’ve lifted this track to a completely new level given how relaxed and in control Reedus 3m seemed through his lyrical flow.

Take a listen to the track and tell us, did you get ‘The Message’?


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