Sometimes by Faïnn

CKM Photography

Artist and songwriter Faïnn dropped a brand new second track since her first debut song in April of this year, ‘’Sometimes.’’ All the way from Nashville, US, this is a harmonious and uplifting pop song. Faïnn started her musical career by making cover songs of hits from the 80s and 90s like ‘The Final Countdown.’ She writes indie pop music with spacey productions and cinematic video clips. Inspired by artists like Lana del Rey, Dido, and Leon, she is driven by her belief in the power of voice and the art of storytelling through song. The song is a collaboration between her and grammy award-winning songwriter and producer Femke. 

 This song is a dreamy indie pop ballad packed with warmth and emotions. The idea it promotes is self-care and sporting a positive attitude even when you’re at your lowest, which naturally happens to all of us. This song is so easily relatable to anyone and resonates very much with our daily life experiences since we are all prone to face hardships. The song’s overall sound is a slow emotional burn through sadness and hope. The lyrics are simple and straight to the point: the comfort of being imperfect and overcoming your struggles. Finn’s vocals are very angelic and easy on the ear as she flaunts a lot of high-pitch tones in her singing. The musical arrangement is made up of magical, positive-tone piano tunes and some synth sounds making the song feel ethereal. Hit this song’s play button for a warm and reassuring vibe. 



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