Barium by Prime Sinister


British singer-songwriter Prime Sinister is releasing his powerful new single “Barium”, the first from his second album, “Long Live Syllablism,” which is expected to be released soon.

Featuring a solid texture and a dark, cinematic feel, the new self-produced song is swayed by piano keys and drums that match the rapper’s unique flow and singing style that leaves a great sound effect swirling in your ears.

This rising 26-year-old artist on the UK hip-hop scene showcases his incredible lyrical feeling with his talent for writing songs that rely on astonishing and complex wordplay.

“Barium” has a hypnotic rhyme that appears in the use of syllables to rhyme, and in each word, it is consonant with the word preceding it. Through this creative approach, the story is told in an upward flow from the beginning, drawing you into an alternate, hollow, dark space.

The song was mixed and mastered by Thomas Cullison, of Kayne West and Pharrell fame. In approximately 4 minutes, the Prime Sinister establishes a musical connection with you, and you find yourself moving your body and subconsciously reciting the words behind it.

This wonderful and highly talented artist can lead us to different and diverse areas of the world of hip hop and rap, but with his distinctive flavor and magical imprint, so we are waiting for what is new from him.


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