Tandem by Three Armed Bandit


From the isolation of a lonesome Californian mountain cabin comes a characterful folk anthem with a sweet message and deep musicality.

Three-Armed Bandit sings of fighting… yes, fighting. More specifically, fighting with someone you sincerely care for. The pain that this might bring and the hidden blessings of such pain. Three-Armed Bandit thinks that not only is this fighting a sign of goodwill and of deep-rooted affection, but also that it’s something that should be actively pursued by couples, as he memorably sings “We’ll keep on fighting.”

 Musically the song is a pure singer-songwriter affair, literally, it’s just an acoustic along with the deep baritone voice. Do not underestimate it though, the guitarwork is neatly arranged, dynamic, playful, and never settled. Moving from open strums to percussive, muted hits within the length of a phrase to play along with the words, augmenting the meaning, and the feeling of them.

 A nice, pleasant little cut, simple, but nuanced and active, with a deep, distinctive voice that pulls it along further down the road of folky goodness.



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