Best Thing That I Ever Did by Allie Jason


In today’s world, anyone can make music. Gone are the days when you needed to book studio time to make decent listenable music, now anyone can make songs directly on their smartphones. These are all things we hear all the time nowadays, but if you take them with a grain of salt, you need to look no further than Allie Jason’s latest single, titled Best Thing That I Ever Did, which was made in its entirety on her (yes, you guessed it right) iPhone.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered on a smartphone, Best Thing That I Ever Did is a very gentle song. The trap beats are delicate and the synths are cute and small. The main bulk of the song is delivered through the words and the voice that carries them. Allie has a very beautiful voice that works amazingly in both her lower and upper reaches.

She provides in this song a vocal line that steadily jumps between those registers, quite the acrobatic feat, further accented by sections in which she does a call and response with herself, having a voice say a phrase in a playful falsetto and then another response to it in a more serious and serene lower register. The words are empowering and relatable and are the crowning highlight on top of the smart vocal performance.


A gentle, effective, and direct song with a few neat tricks up its sleeve. You might think that making music on a phone is playing it easy, that it’s not serious enough, but making it this beautiful, lush, and complete is an achievement that I would never think of describing as easy. Anything but, in fact.