Happy Tears (with RUNN & AYMEN) by Miles Away


It’s not every day you come across an artist who was able to carve a name for himself in the music industry in such a short time and gain the trust of his audience with his well-curated and exceptional music. When Miles Away releases new music, you know without a doubt that it’ll reach over a million streams in no time. Devin Belanger, the man behind “Miles Away” has an impressive success streak starting with his remix for Halsey’s “Without Me” which reached over 42M views on YouTube only, to his nomination for “Electronic/Dance Artist of the Year” in the Western Canadian Music Awards in 2020. 

Last week the Vancouver-based vocalist and electronic producer dropped his latest single “Happy Tears” in collaboration with the EDM vocalist RUNN and produced by Dallas-based producer AYMEN. The electronic/house track is not a typical party track with a fixed beat and some cheerful tunes, it has a much deeper meaning; it embodies the overwhelming joy that follows a long time of struggling and challenges. It’s proof of how patience pays off and how it’ll all eventually turn out ok. The song starts soft and dreamy making it perfect for a lyrical dance choreography then it’s hyped up with electronic sounds and synths giving it an uplifting, cheerful vibe. It’s the kind of song that connects everyone; whether you’re feeling down and in need of some hope and positivity, or if you just want to enjoy good music on your car ride, or set that dance floor on fire at a party. 


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