Types of Ways by Cush Wallace


Cush Wallace’s latest single release, Types Of Ways, follows a tried and true contemporary R&B recipe that’s yet to fail in reaching its audience. Cush Wallace is a rapper and producer, based in Los Angeles, whose style of music is slow, minimal, and driven by liquid, slow, and rhythmic flows, and Types Of Ways is no exception.

This number runs 4 minutes long, and in front, contains very minimal and sparse music that I found hard to engage with, there’s nothing wrong with it, at all, in fact, the production is solid and the synth that provides the chords is delicate and delightful, the beat is fitting and the bass line is efficient and does the job, but that’s absolutely it, there’s nothing more than these very few and minimal elements which just never provided enough color for my tastes. The words are expected for this type of music, sensual and gentle words about sex with a particular person on one hand, and on the other, low blows and passive-aggressive threats to all the other people who also want to have sex with that individual. There might be nuances to the situations mentioned in this song, but the gist is the same. The vocal performance has a unique flow to it, but the lazy, lulling attitude does little service to spice things up, but then again, I don’t believe Cush Wallace even wanted to spice things up.

A perfectly fine piece of R&B, with no mistakes, and no highlights either. I imagine a lot of people will love listening to it, but I doubt it will stick to their heads for much longer after it ends.



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