Blood Bank by ICEBERG

Ilhan Beyazey

Being a musician and an artist isn’t as challenging as it used to be; the music industry has changed drastically in the last few years, and anyone can release their music from their bedroom. Yet amongst all the chaos, you can still spot pure talent, hard work, and experience; they simply stand out.  ICEBERG is a walking force of talent and determination with steady steps and a voice like no other. Her choice of stage name comes from actual icebergs and how they are 90% under the surface which is how she describes her songwriting technique; “I write to trick my brain into telling me how I’m really feeling. To express things that are difficult to speak out loud. Growing up, my favorite feeling in the world was listening to an artist say something I’d felt but couldn’t articulate.”

In only 4 years, the Pennsylvania-born artist and producer worked with top studios during her time in London. She produced and wrote songs for many bands and co-written with X-Factor winner Matt Terry. She even received an Arts Grant from the UK government last August. The artist just released her third single from her upcoming, self-produced EP “Swim”, a new milestone for ICEBERG to finally leave her mark, not just as a producer, songwriter, or classical pianist, but as an independent artist. “Blood Bank” is an indie song with a beautiful ambiance, smooth melodies, and an angelic vocal color. In less than a month; the song reached over 98K streams on Spotify; 2nd highest number after “Can’t Forgive Me”, released earlier this year with 120K streams. Not to mention her previous releases “Swim” reached 78K streams and “Noise” at 95K streams, resulting in an overall number of 34K monthly listeners in such a short time. The song was recorded at Urchin and Flesh n’ Bone studios with co-producer Oscar Moos and Clare O’Connell, Paul McCartney’s previous cellist. We’re looking forward to the upcoming EP release and can’t wait to add it to our playlist!



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