This Moment by Mick J. Clark


Singer and songwriter Mick J.Clark based in Croydon, UK released an enchanting Latin pop duet song called ‘This moment, on the 26th of September. He is signed to Sonorus record label and has written over 60 songs, with 40 of them played in shops. The artist has three albums and three EPs. He has a passion for helping children stop self-harm, bullying, and drug problems, and achieves that through the power of music, his ultimate belief. With that being said, Croydon education used some of his songs on anti-drugs and self-harm in many schools in Surrey! That’s something huge to be proud of. Clark believes that you should never compromise who you are, and be happy. 

The song is a bundle of joyful energy. Although the idea it talks about is saying goodbye, nevertheless it encourages people to look at departing in a loving and open way, dealing with the pain of letting go by embracing the good memories and remembering the love you had for them. The song carries a powerful message we all need. The lyrics are simple and straight to the point: if you ever feel lonely and sad because your loved one isn’t here anymore, remember the beautiful moments you had together. Mick’s vocals are medium pitches and the woman’s voice is so angelic. The overall sound is positive in such a way that makes you want to cry tears of happiness and sadness at the same time. A truly moving piece, the musical arrangement is simple, with light musical notes playing. The music consists of bliss to our ears with some Spanish guitar, a light piano melody, fun drums, and a beautiful maracas sound effect. To relieve your eyes and heart from the pain of a missing loved one, give this song a press on your Spotify application!

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